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Cultural Self-Awareness: High-Power Distance

Cultural Self-Awareness: High-Power Distance


I recently finished Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and the main idea is that we can all attribute our successes to external factors such as community, exposure to practice, and historical culture. Culture and community are somewhat related except that community describes your interactions with others around you. Historical culture describes deep roots in your ethnic history where such traits may…

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I am anxious to start my first gig in product management. Slowly but surely hitting my goals.

It’s funny how these things work because I initially wanted a product marketing position at a enterprise cloud company, Okta. I felt like I had a really high chance on this one due to the impressions I made and that my sister works here. Although it’s product marketing, I wanted this internship due to the company’s business, substantial short term growth, and long term implications. I figured I can do something I’m familiar with (product marketing) and work my way into management after this internship.

This was my last ditch effort to acquire an internship for the summer. If I didn’t hit this home, I literally would have nothing but free time. I never stressed out over an interview like this one (I need to start caring more). I NEEDED this or else I wouldn’t feel I am progressing as I want myself to professionally.

Reflecting about the interview by my sister’s desk, she asks “Any other calls from companies?” With an insecure sigh, I said “No.” Literally, right after I said that, my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize.

To my surprise, it was another company looking for interns for this summer. Sitting at the desk of the company I just had an interview with, I had an unplanned phone interview with this company, LiveCareer, in product management. Long story short, after a couple of days, I got accepted by LiveCareer before being rejected by Okta two weeks later.

Over the last couple of semesters, I’ve been proclaiming that I want to be a product manager without any concrete experience in it. I can only siphon bits and pieces through online articles and knowledge passed on by past bosses. I say to this day, by some stroke of luck and good impressions, I’ve been given a chance to really sink my teeth into product management.

I’m excited, scared, restless, and regretful.

Next 90 days:
My confidence is shaky. I feel like there are many ways to fuck up. When I don’t feel like a lazy ass, I research what makes a good product manager. Furthermore, it’s fact that so many things are stacked against me to be successful. The biggest is me. My own habits and traits may be my biggest setback. The only way to conquer myself is to practice, practice and practice. Practice what it takes to be successful.

By practicing and training, when pressure comes in my professional life, I know I won’t rise to the occasion. No one REALLY does. But, I will sink to the level of my training. And that’s why intentional acts of practice are so damn important. And that is why I must be self aware about how my own SELF may inhibit me from becoming successful, identify these factors and find out how to fix it.

Ok time to sleep.

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"you can’t watch an entire tv series in one night"


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Flash extended trailer. Pretty sure it’s the first episode boiled down to 5 mins. I’m WAY more excited for this show than the Batman vs Superman movie.

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Back to the roots

If you’re any basketball fan, you know that Michael Jordan retired basketball after winning his first three championships, participated in baseball, then came back to basketball and won three more.

Any MJ or Bulls fan would say, if he stayed, he would have won even more championships. But, Jordan said himself that he needed that time off away from basketball. Why?

He said that by learning to play professional baseball, he was pushed back into low-level skill development and remembering the process of winning. Because of this, it reminded him what he loved about competing. It’s all about going back to the basics.

I felt this same sense of weariness. When I’m at work or just doing work, I forget sometimes why I’m even doing this. The answer is easy and hard. I just have to find out why I love doing this in the first place. And, what drives me to do this.


Lassitude is my enemy (Wrote this long time ago, just some thoughts)

Lassitude - state of physical or mental weariness. That’s where I’m at right now, but not so much physical; more on the mental side.

They say fear corrodes the mind and weakens it. I think I’ve been going through this the last year. I’m not who I used to be, and I struggle with this daily.

But what is it that I fear? How can I resort to the thing that I completely disbelieve in. I believe in living out of fear, and not even contemplate it. I believe in focusing on the tasks at hand. I believe in living through wanting something and not through avoiding something. But when I say this and not do it, I’m not really believing it.

It takes action to really say that I believe something, not just saying it. I’m disappointed because I haven’t been living up to my words.

If you know me, one of my favorite quotes is, “act without expectation.” I’m torn in two because I want to believe and live up to something like that. However, I’m doing the complete opposite, and I don’t know how to help myself.

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