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Back to the roots

If you’re any basketball fan, you know that Michael Jordan retired basketball after winning his first three championships, participated in baseball, then came back to basketball and won three more.

Any MJ or Bulls fan would say, if he stayed, he would have won even more championships. But, Jordan said himself that he needed that time off away from basketball. Why?

He said that by learning to play professional baseball, he was pushed back into low-level skill development and remembering the process of winning. Because of this, it reminded him what he loved about competing. It’s all about going back to the basics.

I felt this same sense of weariness. When I’m at work or just doing work, I forget sometimes why I’m even doing this. The answer is easy and hard. I just have to find out why I love doing this in the first place. And, what drives me to do this.


Lassitude is my enemy (Wrote this long time ago, just some thoughts)

Lassitude - state of physical or mental weariness. That’s where I’m at right now, but not so much physical; more on the mental side.

They say fear corrodes the mind and weakens it. I think I’ve been going through this the last year. I’m not who I used to be, and I struggle with this daily.

But what is it that I fear? How can I resort to the thing that I completely disbelieve in. I believe in living out of fear, and not even contemplate it. I believe in focusing on the tasks at hand. I believe in living through wanting something and not through avoiding something. But when I say this and not do it, I’m not really believing it.

It takes action to really say that I believe something, not just saying it. I’m disappointed because I haven’t been living up to my words.

If you know me, one of my favorite quotes is, “act without expectation.” I’m torn in two because I want to believe and live up to something like that. However, I’m doing the complete opposite, and I don’t know how to help myself.

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Let go from my internship — that’s okay because I was already searching for another; plateaued at Import2

Received premature notice that my graduation app has been accepted, just need to go pick it up — officially graduating December 2014 — to walk? or not to walk? That is my dreaded question

I have some pretty major life choices to make these following months turning 24. Let’s call them my “Kobe years” where the clutch is most needed.

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Haven’t written in awhile mainly because I have nothing interesting come up to write. But now I mildly do.

One thing I don’t like is to put labels on people. Sounds simple enough right? But what if I told you that you may be doing it to other people, but you just didn’t know?

I’m not talking about social inequality or anything of that magnitude, but more on the side of personal development and living.

Imagine a situation you had with your friends where you said confidently, “Nah I can’t picture (friend_name) do this.” “I know (friend_name), that’s not them.” “I knew you wouldn’t get one.” Or, “(friend_name) only likes smart girls.”

Now reverse the role and imagine when someone says this to you. Don’t you feel a part of your freedom taken away? Or a part of you now has the need to prove them wrong?

Basically, you’re presenting a statement in which you know it’s fact about how this friend behaves presently or in the past. However, you’re applying this knowledge to predict their future. You’re labeling a type of behavior or action on a person without really knowing it.

To put it more implicatively, you’re mentally denying this person the freedom to choose to do something out of their behavior. When you say this statement, it gives them a mental block of doubt. Furthermore, it provides social pressure for this friend to have to act this certain way to be accepted as a social norm.

It creates discomfort for the friend to have to actually TRY to be different than what they’re familiar with. Ever heard of stepping outside a comfort zone? Well, I’m pretty sure people are trying to do that, and such added labels aren’t going to help.

I’ve had my friends unknowingly said this to me about my behaviors in the past, and I felt my freedom to ever pursue things outside my boundaries as a challenge. It shouldn’t be. Be helpful and considerate.

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Immortal Technique interview on honesty in hip-hop, his revolutionary background, and some other shit you don’t care about. but it’s a fantastic interview.

for the small little revolutionary in everyone. the part that has love for the human being.

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We’ve all definitely done this before.


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You spend so much time trying to get people to like you. You know other people more than you know yourself. You study them, you know about them, you want to be just like them. You invest so much time into them that you don’t know who you are.

I challenge you to spend time by yourself.




That last gif

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#ConanDallas is coming. Behold: Conan O’Brien, rodeo clown.

This is why I love Conan

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